About us

Welcome to voiceoverportugal.com!

We are a small team of professional voice over artists, translators and producers working in Portuguese.

We are passionate about delivering first class recordings and scripts. From e-learning narration to TV and film commercials, we cover a wide range of formats and styles.

We specialise in European Portuguese and our services include:

  • Voiceovers
  • Script translation and/or localisation
  • Script assessment and editing
  • Writing commercial copy
  • Proofreading
  • Sub-editing text for publishing

We are based in London and run our own professional recording facilities.

Cleanfeed ready (ISDN replacement technology)

Our experience also covers advising on the quality of scriptstranslation/localisation of written material and voice casting.

If you require a quote, please get in touch through the contacts page.

Our clients include Volvo, Ford, Jaguar, Adidas, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Easyjet and Ubisoft, to name only a few.

Commercial, radio and TV work include MTV, Xbox, Cartoon Network, Adidas, BBC Prime, Skechers, Hallmark Channel, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Canon, Flexleigh Audio Guides, Big Bus Tours, Sony PS3 amongst others.

In addition to this our voices feature regularly in many games, animations and children’s TV. These include Skechers adverts as well as promos for Nickelodeon and KidsCo TV channels.

We have also extensive experience in radio, TV and online production.
Our voices can be heard regularly at the BBC World Service (London, UK), Euronews (Lyon, France) and UN Radio (New York, USA).

We also produce regular news and marketing webcasts for global corporations as well as one-off webcasts for artistic events.

We provide standard Portuguese male and female accents (from Lisbon) with clear delivery. We can also voice in accented English.

We also provide voices, translations and script assessment in Brazilian Portuguese.

The Director

voiceoverportugal.com was born in London in July 2013. The founder, J. Ferreira, has a background in radio and general media production and has been one of the main Portuguese voices working for a large number of international clients.

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